Lodging and Transportation



At White Memorial Camp

Winterized stone cottages house bedrooms and full bathrooms. All cabins have a living room area, complete with small kitchen and in some cases, a fireplace. The Gathering takes place in the main lodge, as do the meals.

Cabin accommodations allow eight persons to a room with comfortable bunk beds while sharing a bathroom and shower.  Bedding and towels are supplied. Since temperatures may be cooler that time of year, please be reminded that the blankets in the cabins must stay in the cabins at all times.  Instead, bring layers of clothing to keep warm or that can be easily peeled off as needed. 


Tenting/camping is available on a limited basis at no change in cost. Those camping are required to bring all necessary gear and equipment and should be prepared for any weather. Campers will be sharing the cabin bathrooms with dormitory guests.


Although participants are encouraged to stay at White Memorial Camp, other lodging options are available in nearby Council Grove (5 miles from camp) or Manhattan (approximately 35 miles away).  Those wishing to make alternative lodging arrangements are responsible for their own reservations, hotel costs, and transportation to and from White Memorial Camp

White Memorial Camp
1271 S. 1050 Road
Council Grove, KS 66846

In the past, those arriving by air have elected to rent a car from the airport or arrange to share a vehicle with another attendee.  All participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation.

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