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Terri Delahanty, the workshop leader, shows Mark Sampsel how to lace the hide on his drum
Terri helping Mark S

Terri Delahanty, drum workshop leader, and Steve talk before the workshop
Terri & Steve before
the workshop

Terri Delahanty helps Natalie Mattson with the lacing of her drum
Terri helping Natalie

Terri drumming outside of the tipi
Terri drumming
by the Tipi

Mark Jones receives help from Terri Delahanty finishing up the lacing on his drum
Mark J watches Terri

Linda Jacquin & workshop leader Terri Delahanty working on her drum lacing
Linda receives help
from Terri lacing

Terri Delahanty, the Sacred Drum workshop leader, helps Julie Strauss with the lacing of her drum.
Terri helps Julie
with the lacing

After the workshop we all gathered in a circle and said prayers for our drums and all peoples.
Prayers in a circle
for our drums and
healing for all peoples

Sacred Drum Workshop

Terri Delahanty, Cree, dressed in native outfit in a field with beautiful clouds behind


Terri will share the importance of the drum in American Indian culture as she guides participants in calling the directions, energies, and Spirits for making their own 13-inch, single-faced, elk hide drum. **For those who are sensitive to smells participants will be smudged with Sage. If this is a problem for you, just let Terri know.**THE FEE FOR THE WORKSHOP will be $150, with a $50 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT - for materials, REQUIRED ON OR BEFORE MARCH 1st, with your registration fee. **Please take note: This year Terri will bring along some brushes and paints for those who made drums last year and would like to add some painted beauty to their drums. This will take place during the drum workshop, planned at this point for Saturday evening.

Rev. Terri Delahanty (Many Feathers)
Terri is a Native American, from the Cree Tribe, and has a regular practice meditation, Native and women's rituals, and sacred ceremonies. She participates in a Women's Council group monthly on World Peace issues, has lead ceremonies for individualized blessings or meditations, and offers workshops in creating Sacred Drums and Sacred Rattles. While following her Native Traditions she brings the richness into her professional life as well. Her fondest work has been through the Institute of American Indian Studies leading the Strawberry Festival and the Green Corn Festival and as a Research Associate, facilitator in workshops and Village Interpreter for the simulated village at the Institute in Washington Depot, CT.

She has worked in an educational setting for the past 17 years with a focus on Multicultural Education for all students. She serves on the State Board for the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) for the past 6 years. She is also Certified Level 2 in Braille Instructor, Certified Parent Educator, Supervisor Level through National Parents as Teachers Organization, Director for Greater Hartford Even Start - a Family Literacy Program, Director for the Extended Day Program, and Director for the Summer Program at the University of Hartford Magnet School.

Image of two feather held by a red circle dropping downFrom an email Terri shared this information:

Keep hugging that DRUM. The drum is calling the 2 legged back for the Earth Mothers healing. The core of Earth Mother beats continuously. The Earth need healing and so this is why so many 2 legged are being called to drumming and to make their own drums. There are many different forces at work. the Drum is coming into power again to awaken our hearts; it is NOW that we must learn to live from the heart. the heart is the place of balancing and awakening to our wholeness; the heartbeat is one of the reasons people so naturally and strongly connect to the drum. After all, each one of us comes into the world having spent nine months listening to the heart drum in the womb. We are imprinted with the rhythm from the very start the rhythm is the heartbeat of life. There are no special songs or words - no special way to beat the drum - just sit, stand, walk and play with the beats of your drum.

AHO my friend ~ Peace

2007 Sacred Drum Workshop
Before the Sacred Drum Workshop we begin in a circle, as the drum is a circle, as life is a circle. People who attended the 2007 Sacred Drum Workshop.
Before the Sacred Drum Workshop we begin in a circle,
as the drum is a circle, as life is a circle.

The members of the 1st official Sacred Drum Workshop
at the Wisdom Keepers Conference 2007 -
Clockwise from the guy up front in blue:
Steve, Edward (wife Cheryl also participated),
Natalie barely peaking from behind Edward,
Linda, Mark S, Mark J & Julie -
Terri, the workshop leader standing behind Julie