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earth behind four multicultural, hands of four colors, reaching for each other

Mission Statement

The mission of Flint Hills Wisdom Keepers is to provide a forum for American Indian Elders to share their culture, oral traditions, and ceremony. We gather to honor and preserve the American Indian wisdom of living in balance and harmony with Mother Earth.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~

~We are all related~

~Blessings and Peace~

Flint Hills Wisdom Keepers Board of Directors

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Beautiful white wildflower in the Flint Hills of Kansas at White Memorial Camp near Council Grove, Kansas

If I have learned one thing in this life,
is that God will not tie my shoes without me.

Doug Boyd—Mystics, Magicians, and Medicine People

On March 9, 2012, the Flint Hills Wisdom Keepers was featured on 'Your Town' on the 'Talk of JC' on KJCK – 1420 AM radio station with host Brett Regan.  Click here to listen to the 20-minute radio podcast to learn more about the Flint Hills Wisdom Keepers.

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Upcoming Events


Worship Service and Wisdom Keepers Program

February 7, 2016
at 11am

1263 North 1100 Rd
Lawrence, KS
Contact Pat Embers at   785-539-2819 for more information

Let's get acquainted!
Learn more about the Flint Hills Wisdom Keepers and our 2016 Gathering
February 28, 2016
from 1:30-3:30pm

Dorothy Bramlage
Public Library
230 W 7th St
Junction City, KS
Contact Pat Embers at   785-539-2819 for more information 
Free to the public!

Worship Service and Wisdom Keepers Program

March 6, 2016
at 10:30am

901 Beatrice St
Salina, KS
Contact Pat Embers at   785-539-2819 for more information

Drum roll please...
2016 Flint Hills Wisdom Keepers Gathering
April 22-24, 2016
Council Grove, Kansas


Flint Hills Wisdom
Keepers Gathering
Friday, April 22 to
Sunday, April 24, 2016


Registration Information

Tipi put up starting at the 2007 Wisdom Keepers Conference, White Memorial Camp, Council Grove, KS. It represents part of what we do at conference and used as a session room.Flint Hills Wisdom Keepers

The Flint Hills Wisdom Keepers Foundation invites you to join in a conversation that began more than 25 years ago as the Wisdom Keepers Conference in North Carolina and has since become the Flint Hills Wisdom Keepers Gathering hosted in Kansas. Started by indigenous Elders from tribes across the country, that original conference sought to share the Elders’ cultural wisdom and insights. Author Doug Boyd was involved with this original group and he subsequently devoted his life to fostering cultural understanding of indigenous people from North and South America. With Doug’s passing in 2006, we honor his work by bringing indigenous Elders to the Flint Hills for sharing traditions and insights with those willing to open their hearts and minds to these deep truths.

Located in the picturesque Flint Hills of Kansas, teeming with energy and life, the annual Gathering is held at the beautiful White Memorial Camp on Council Grove Lake. The Elders offer this weekend experience because they feel it is important to share indigenous beliefs, wisdom, and practices for how we should live in harmony with Mother Earth and each other.

After an introductory session Friday evening, the Gathering officially begins on  Saturday with a Sunrise Ceremony around the Sacred Fire (hotchka). Tipi put up 2007 Wisdom Keepers Conference, White Memorial Camp, Council Grove, KS, across small bridge. Used as breakout session room.This honoring of the Elders and each other sets the tone for further sharing throughout the Gathering. This Sacred Fire is tended at all times and is open to everyone to offer prayers, commune with the Fire, and visit quietly. Much healing and learning occurs in this sacred space through chance meetings, songs, and lessons from the Firekeeper.

When coming together for the opening forum, it becomes clear why we need a variety of tribes representing their different traditions. The diversity of the cultures springs from the diversity of nature. Elder-led discussions include many aspects of their culture from food to prayer ties, spirit guides, drumming and dancing, the importance of storytelling, or the meaning of the Medicine Wheel. Elders often ask attendees to submit questions so all needs may be addressed. Spirit may guide the discussion which can lead Elders to tell jokes or stories, or invite us to join them in singing or drumming. They like to keep the energy moving.

We cherish the Elders and the opportunity to show our respect for them, their knowledge, and wisdom. We seek to restore their prominence in the conversation between cultures in the United States and around the world. That is why we gather in the beautiful Flint Hills to listen. We listen as hard as we can because these Tipi with the yellow-red sun rising behind it at the Wisdom Keepers Conference held at White Memorial Camp near Council Grove, Kansasare  the precious voices that have been missing in the broad cultural conversation that began centuries ago. Hearing these voices will help us to heal personally, culturally, and globally while providing an invaluable perspective on the question, “How can we honor diverse cultures, honor Mother Nature, and live together in peace?” 

Please join us for our annual weekend Gathering to both share and find inspiration in that which is seen and unseen. Be a part of the extraordinary vision and common purpose in restoring balance to our Mother Earth for the sake of many generations to come. 

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Contact: Jean Underwood (785-456-8503) or Pat Embers (785-539-2819)


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The Flint Hills Wisdom Keepers 2016 Gathering
is sponsored in part by the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation, and other supporting donors.  We wish to thank all of our sponsors and donors for their kind generosity.